Most things in life are a process. There is no chicken without a hen, egg, and shelter. There is no car without material, factories and labor. There is no government without people, land, and a written declaration of order. For me, there is no life without Adventure, Community, and Transformation. Over the next year, while I am traveling through the Middle East seeking ways to help the oppressed and poor, my journey will pass through these three phases respectively. And even after the year has come and gone, the cycle will repeat itself for the rest of life. It can apply to projects and initiatives too.


Everyone has their own definition of adventure but I think everyone can agree that this means to partake in something, or to embark somewhere, not yet experienced. 

For me, my current adventure is to leave home to travel the lands of the Middle East searching for ways to make a long-term impact in a short-term amount of time. To do this I have not partnered with any organization, this is a self-funded endeavor as I want autonomy and flexibility in where I go and how I apply my problem solving skills. That being said, I know this is not a one man job. My goal is to transition from this phase to one of building productive and close relationships with brethren who share the same mission and love for people.


Ask a Navy Seal, one of the world’s most elite warriors, who they consider closest to their heart and they will most likely not respond with “my wife and kids”, though they love them dearly. They will answer “the brothers I train with every day and entrust my life with every time we go on a mission.” The beauty of this type of camaraderie established deep in the heart can be encapsulated in the words of a wise king who once said “Greater love there is none than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” 

For me, finding like-minded people to commune with, build good council around, and engage in good works together as one tactical team would be a blessing that is beyond explanation. It’s not only a blessing, but it’s a necessity in areas where persecution and suffering exists. My hope is to find, develop, and replicate such a community so that we can discuss how to best serve those in need and prepare the way for love and justice to rule wherever we go.


Since when has it been considered praiseworthy to give people fish rather than to teach them how to fish? What good is it to gain knowledge, money, fame, and influence in the world if it can’t be stewarded or administered effectively? How can one be the master of something without first being a student? You can adorn a corpse with clothes, jewelry, and perfume, but at the end of the day its still a dead body that will rot away without life. Are you getting the picture?

For me, transformation is the equivalent to coming alive and bearing fruit. Meaning, someone has to walk the walk if they’re going to talk the talk. My walk for this year will be to not only transform myself by the renewing of my mind, but to transform the lives of others spiritually, financially, and mentally so that they can then go do the same. Call it a ripple, butterfly, or domino effect, but the idea is to help people light their own torches and then they light those of others. With enough torches, even the darkest of caves can be exposed.

This is my personal life ACT. After reading my example, what’s your ACT?