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Other Causes (effective donating)

If you’re looking for specific causes to support but aren’t sure where to start, here are a list of organizations and their work that KoSD feels are important. While one time donations are always helpful, research shows that recurring gifts (i.e., monthly donors) are much more impactful to donors, organizations and their line of work. As such, KoSD highly suggests you choose anywhere between 1 and 3 (or more!) causes you feel strongly about each year, find organizations that are addressing those causes as effectively as possible, and sign up to be a monthly recurring giver (even if its only $1/month, that’s another $12 that org can reliably count towards its budget thanks to you).

This page will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please come back in the future to see what other suggested causes you can contribute to! Your compassion and desire to help is much appreciated and needed.

Help a Child Traumatized by ISIS – $30

ISIS is an active terrorist group in the Middle East that robs, persecutes, and or kills anyone who rejects their God’s dominance shown through brute force. In public, unbelieving men are executed, woman are raped and sold into slavery, and children are indoctrinated or suffer similar fates. Those who aren’t killed live in fear and substandard conditions all the while paying heavy taxes to support the terrorist group. Imagine if you were a child and witnessed these atrocities occur right in front of you, how would you cope with the brutality for the rest of your days?

If you’d like to help these children somehow, consider donating to the ministry of a former marine named Victor Marx. He has personally traveled to Iraq in recent months with his team of civilians and former military personnel to protect, and deliver goods to, communities in or near ISIS dominated territories. For $30, you can give a child a stuffed animal with soothing music, a first aid kit, a workbook and coloring tools. As stated on the website, “this life pack is the first step in helping children recover from the horrific trauma they have endured.” Click on the link near the title to learn more about, and partner with, Mr. Marx. He has other initiatives as well that you can consider.

Help Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking – $100

As the world advances in technology, so do the means by which predators and abusers seek and injure their victims. According to statistics the average age of human trafficking victims (whether the US or internationally) is generally between 11 and 14 years old. Think about that: your or your neighbors teenage son or daughter being exploited and forced to engage in sexual intercourse with older men for the profit of someone you don’t know or care for, and at times having said activities recorded for many other strangers to view online (25 million files of content in 2015, to be specific).

Thorn is a company co-founded by former celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher (That 70’s Show) and Demi Moore (a Few Good Men) in 2009 with the idea of addressing this horrible issue with the one thing that is making all our lives easier, faster, and better each decade: technology. They have partnered with scientists, engineers, volunteers, NGOs, and law enforcement all over the world to understand the problem better, provide best practices for parents and teachers, and to make applications (such as Spotlight) that deter abusers and detect abuse content. All of this is an expensive feat that requires substantial financial resources, and as such Thorn’s donate page suggests a monthly gift of $100 to continue their work. If that is too much, you can adjust the dollar figure to your pleasing. Click on the link to learn more about the problem, Thorn’s work, and how you can help.

Micro-financing Entrepreneurs in Third World Countries – $25

Statistics say that on average you spend about $15 a week on coffee. That’s roughly $60 a month in expenses on coffee alone. What if you were told that for that some amount of money, you could offer a fairly poor individual the chance at starting that venture they’ve always dreamed of which could help them and their families exit poverty? Your small donation, could result in a new farmer, student, builder, shopkeeper or provider of a large family in one of 80 countries world wide with Kiva.

Think of Kiva like a bank, but they are not. Their function is to be a mediator between you (the lender) and the poor entrepreneur (the loan applicant). $25-60 may not sound like a lot to us Western folk who hear about million dollar acquisitions or billion dollar IPOs on our finance news channels, but to those poor individuals in other countries the power of those high value U.S. Dollars could mean the difference between staying in bondage to poverty or becoming free to support themselves, their families, and their communities. Kiva makes the process of monthly giving–actually, lending and being repaid so that the money can be loaned out again and continue the ripple effect–very easy. Click on the link to find out more information about their $1 billion impact so far since 2005.