Thank you for thinking about donating to help those who are poor, sick, and oppressed. There are so many needs today and not knowing how or where to begin to help can be overwhelming. 

As such, this page is dedicated to specific causes that either KoSD Ministries is administrating or KoSD feels are important to consider. Your compassion and desire to help is much appreciated.

Help a Child Traumatized by ISIS – $30

ISIS is an active terrorist group in the Middle East that robs, persecutes, and or kills anyone who rejects their God’s dominance shown through brute force. In public, unbelieving men are executed, woman are raped and sold into slavery, and children are indoctrinated or suffer similar fates. Those who aren’t killed live in fear and substandard conditions all the while paying heavy taxes to support the terrorist group. Imagine if you were a child and witnessed these atrocities occur right in front of you, how would you cope with the brutality for the rest of your days?

If you’d like to help these children somehow, consider donating to the ministry of a former marine named Victor Marx. He has personally traveled to Iraq in recent months with his team of civilians and former military personale to protect, and deliver goods to, communities in or near ISIS dominated territories. For $30, you can give a child a stuffed animal with soothing music, a first aid kit, a workbook and coloring tools. As stated on the website, “this life pack is the first step in helping children recover from the horrific trauma they have endured.” Click on the link near the title to learn more about, and partner with, Mr. Marx. He has other initiatives as well that you can consider.

For causes administrated by KoSD: Given that there is not a high overhead cost for myself, you can sleep knowing that every cent of your donation will go to the cause you choose. If you would like to add a personal touch with your donation, I can also write a personal card to the donee with an encouraging message on your behalf! At this this time there are no causes administrated by KoSD.

This page will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please come back in the future to see what other causes you can contribute to!

If you’d like to donate to my personal expenses for travel, food, and shelter, a PayPal link is provided below. Thank you for thinking of me!