King of Spades

Redefining Different

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An ambassador of the Ace: Wonderful Counselor, Eternal Father, and King of kings. In this family oriented kingdom we share practical life, teach right, and do good.

My Story


Welcome to KoSD! This is the place to roam the mind of someone who represents a foreign Kingdom that is not found on a map nor is reachable by modern modes of transportation.

Things here can be quite different from what you are used to or have been taught to be normal. In fact, you have most likely been conditioned to automatically dismiss it as archaic, false, or obsolete. I think you will be surprised to find the opposite. Some things may be confusing and some may even be offensive. Know that the intent is not to do either of those but rather to demonstrate what life is like in the Kingdom, and to educate and empower anyone who is interested in becoming a fellow citizen.

We’re all children of a foreign land, yet history has shown us that people flock to certain places in search of freedom and a new life. The Kingdom is one of those places, and in exploring here maybe you’ll understand why. Enjoy, and peace be with you.

Video of the Month

Every month or so I will link a new informative video here. Since I am traveling the Middle East, content will be relevant to information about this region.