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Welcome and Happy 2018.

For those of you who are new to KoSD, welcome and peace be with you. Feel free to check out the About section above to learn more about what KoSD is. For you and those who have been here before, the website has been revamped with more features included on each page. It’s still small enough that you’re not walking through a huge library, but as the year goes on we will expand to include more interactive features, causes and orgs to donate towards, and multimedia content (such as KoSD produced videos). So stay tuned, and lets commit to being one step ahead in all the realms of our lives this time next year.


You included “read at least one article every weekend” in your 2018 new years resolutions list, right? Well starting January 12 and continuing on, come back here every Friday afternoon to read about a topic of conversation relevant to that week. Other fun and educational stuff will be shared throughout the week both here, on Facebook and on Instagram; but Friday’s will be special (as they always have been).

For notifications of updates input your email address at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, feel free to follow KoSD on social media and explore the menu tabs above. The Blog section has all the posts to current day, and the three featured below are there for importance.

Cheers fam.

Media of the Month

"...Here he comes leaping over my mountains
Like a warrior returning from war.
With a smile he’s laughing and singing,
All the earth trembles at his voice.
...Lift your eyes beyond your battle,
See the cross and the tomb where I laid.
They are empty, for I have conquered,
I hold the keys to hell and the grave."

KoSD Recommended Entertainment