What is King of Spades?

For me, in the short term, it is the formal documentation of insights I have gathered over the years and of my personal journey as I travel around the Middle East. For you, however long you so chose, it is a place to observe my journey, donate to specific causes, and enjoy spiritual, financial, travel, non-profit and consultative type content. For churches, businesses, and organizations, it is a platform to testify of my works and help you decide if you would like to partner with me in a particular endeavor.

Where’d the name come from?

The King of Spades is the the second highest playing card in a deck surpassed only by the Ace of Spades. On the most common pattern, it is represented by the biblical King David holding a spada (Italian for “sword”). I chose this moniker years ago because I felt it was a relevant depiction of some personal aspects.

  • I have Italian descent, although I am not directly Italian
  • I like swords, archery, and similar historic weapons, including the power of faith
  • I respect King David and his courage and fervor to accept a challenge against giant odds
  • I know that my strength does not come from my ranking or position in life but rather from what I represent above me. It’s in knowing who I am, what my gifts are, and why I’m here.

Why are you here?

To deliver the good news of Jesus and His Kingdom to men, and help men deliver good news to the Lord and their neighbor.

Note: “Men” refers to the created homo sapien species as a whole, it is not indicative of a specific gender. I am old fashion in language.