What is King of Spades?

KoSD is a resource of faith, reason, and practicality.

It is being built to provide you with practical answers as to why and how the Kingdom of God–as Jesus the Christ preached it–is still relevant (and awesome) today.

This isn’t your baby boomer out of date conservative type Christianity that ignores the present and future for the sake of reliving the past; which leaves people not knowing or caring how to navigate life as a child of God. That said this also isn’t the emerging millennial progressive liberal type Christianity that is wrapped up in knowledge, comfort, emotional propaganda, charisma, or acceptance from the world as “another good belief you should check out”; which forgets the innovative yet line-drawing practices Jesus, the early church, and the Old Testament kings and prophets proclaimed — and were ultimately killed for.

KoSD submits to a Christianity that you cannot define or put neatly in a box. Why? Because you cannot define or fit Jesus neatly in a box, He is too wild of a lion to be put into a cage against His will, and He is the very core and definition of Christianity. He is the expressed and manifested image of the formless God to humanity; a temple, a medium. And the best part: He is very much alive and present today.

So, KoSD is a resource for people who are interested in Jesus and want Him. In His day Jesus shocked people out of routine life and crowds followed Him everywhere He went. Through His words and actions He redefined normal to the original reality of God with man. Today, He’s still doing the same. In a technologically advancing and culturally trendy society, its becoming more cool to be “different” and challenge the status quo. KoSD proves that Jesus is cool, He is the true and worthy definition of different, and he definitely challenges the status quo to an admirable result.

KoSD is redefining different.


How is KoSD Redefining Different?

Three words: Believe. Be. Build.

KoSD believes and serves the Jewish Arab born peasant named Jesus, who is the king above all presidents, dictators, leaders and officials. He knows what its like to be both poor and rich, hungry and full, destitute and loved; to serve and command, and to die and live. He is the wise, strong, and true leader that every reasonable person would want, but the cost to have him as king over you and receive his inheritance is hefty: your life. In exchanging your death for his life, you are made different from this world.

To be, or not to be, that is actually a very serious question. Your identity as an individual and part in community shapes your beliefs and actions whether you are conscious of it or not. KoSD promotes all to be an ambassador of the King, and to go out into the nations as his representative. It is treason to walk away from your sovereign leader once you have been brought into their council, so you best count the cost and decide whether you really are up for this job before you take it. Jesus is not a Sunday morning activity, He is a dear father and authoritative king at all times; causing strife in many people just by hearing his name.

Finally, every believer has a calling to fulfill what the king has stated to do: to go out into all the world and make disciples of nations. KoSD seeks to build the Lord’s kingdom, brick by brick, person by person, country by country. The king’s method of building? Authentic practical love: doing unto others as you would want done to yourself, regardless of their beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, status, etc.

Some differences between “The world” and “The Kingdom”:

  • In the world you have to agree with others to love them; whereas in the kingdom you love those who hate and persecute you too
  • In the world you have to think about yourself first before you can take care of others; whereas in the kingdom you focus on the One above who empowers you to take care of yourself and others
  • In the world corruption, perverted pleasure, and counterfeit power are the cracked pillars holding up society behind the scenes on the backs of the weak; whereas in the kingdom those things are brought to light to be burned in the fire of wrath so that honor, justice, and righteousness rule. When these are established, deep authentic and breath-taking pleasure and power can be experienced — both physically and spiritually

KoSD is not about redefining religion, politics or business, it’s about redefining life. Those things are encompassed in life, and therefore subject to the authority of Jesus. This is where, if you choose this sort of life, you will make enemies. Dragons are quick to protect their towers of gold at the expense of the gold in the king’s eyes: people. Likewise, fools are to quick dismiss the power of things they don’t see, understand, or control.

Don’t be a dragon and don’t be a fool, accept your rightful place as a son and daughter and know its okay to ask questions. The relevant answers are available — and then its time to believe, be, and build.


In one sentence, what does it mean to believe, be and build?

To deliver the good news of Jesus and His Kingdom to men, and help men deliver good news to the Lord and their neighbor.

What is the Good News? (click here)

Note: Studies show that most communication is non-verbal, and the good news is no different. While words are important, actions speak louder than words. Also, “Men” refers to the created homo sapien species as a whole, it is not indicative of a specific gender. I am old fashion in language.