What is King of Spades?

KoSD is an educational resource created for people who want to believe, become, and build the redefined lifestyle.

What is the redefined lifestyle? One of faith, reason, and practicality; in that order. You can’t practice what you haven’t reasoned as acceptable, and you can’t reason acceptable values without first being taught to have faith in those values or ideas.

The redefined lifestyle is not so much a philosophy as it is a person and their message; that person is the controversial figure named Jesus the Christ.

Believing Christ as King = Faith

KoSD believes and serves the Jewish Arab born peasant named Jesus, who is proclaimed king above all presidents, dictators, leaders and officials. He knows what its like to be both poor and rich, hungry and full, destitute and loved; to serve and command, and to die and live. He is the wise, strong, and true leader that every reasonable person would want, but the cost to accept him as king and receive his inheritance is hefty: our loyalty in life and death.

Becoming Christ’s Ambassador = Reason

KoSD seeks to become an ambassador of the King; to go out into the nations as his representative. As a supernatural king in a natural world, His presence and power is still seen today by those who seek after Him in a manner similar to what is written in the old manuscripts. There are millions of stories around the world attesting (testimony) to His kingdom. In day’s past it was considered treason and reason for death to walk away from your sovereign leader once you were brought into their council, so likewise today it is best to count the cost before deciding to experience freedom through this sacred unity. Jesus is not a Sunday morning activity or a nice theoretical figure to mimic, He is very much alive as a dear brother and authoritative leader; causing strife throughout the world at just the sound of His name.

Building Christ’s Kingdom = Practice

KoSD practices building the Lord’s kingdom, brick by brick, person by person, country by country. Every ambassador has a calling to fulfill what the king has stated to do: to go out into all the world and build disciples of nations. The king’s method of building? Destroying the works of darkness through authentic practical love; doing unto others as you would want done to yourself, regardless of their beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, status, etc.

In one sentence, describe what it means to believe, become and build?

To deliver the good news of Jesus and His Kingdom to men, and help men deliver good news to the Lord and their neighbor.

What is the Good News? (click here)

Note: Studies show that most communication is non-verbal, and the good news is no different. While words are important, actions speak louder than words. Also, “Men” refers to the created homo sapien species as a whole, it is not indicative of a specific gender. I am old fashion in language.