The Wedding Invitation

Dear strangers and friends,

This electronic scroll is being read by you as a mixture of past, present, and future. It is an official and cordial invitation, to you, to attend what will be the most extravagant, beautiful, powerful, blessed and ruckus filled wedding to be hosted in this age.

The details as to the specific date and time of the wedding has yet to be announced, but you are being provided the location, directions, and dress requirements to attend. Due to the nature of this wedding, the instructions must be followed in order to attend.

The location is in the Kingdom of the Most High. It is not a physical kingdom that you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, touch with your skin, taste with your tongue, or smell with your nose; not without a direct intervention of the King Himself or one of his close servants. It is a kingdom hidden from the proud and freely given to the humble. It is not far, but rather it is a mystery revealed within you.

The directions to the Kingdom are to first stop what you are thinking, believing, and doing; and instead give heed and move towards what the King is thinking, believing, and doing. Because the Kingdom is not reachable by old, modern, or post-modern transportation, the only way to get there is to follow the King with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and likewise to help your fellow people do the same. You may have mistakes or trip along the path through the narrow gate, but rest assured that if you commit to the way, truth, and life; you will receive help to get up and keep walking.

The dress requirements for the wedding are as follows: You are to give up your flesh (to die), and to put on the spirit (to live) of the King in whose image you were crafted. You are to pledge loyalty (in wearing the new creation) to the King and His Son, who have wonderful too-good-to-be-true news for you. Should you accept the completed transaction of your death for life through the death and resurrection of the King’s son, you will henceforth be transformed and endowed with an unfamiliar love, power, and discipline. From there you are to join in announcing and inviting others to the wedding, so that the King’s streets, mansion and tables are full; and you have the word of the King Himself that He will always be with you throughout your journey.

Be forewarned, this wedding is not free.

The King is not interested in your money, land, business or material possessions; nor in how many people are under your command; nor in what you have accomplished in this life. For what is all that compared to his riches and majesty? No, he is interested in the one thing that cannot be bought except with love: your heart. It is a fragile thing, yet it can be is hard as the mountains, as cold as the deep waters, as proud as a lion wandering his territory; and as such is a misunderstood and dangerous power outside of the Kingdom. For this reason it is fought over, with or without your conscious attention, from your earliest days. The wedding is to celebrate the inevitable victory and end of the Great War, but until then the battles and persecution will continue.

There is no promise you will leave this life peacefully, nor will your loved ones. There is one who rages against the King and seeks to devour anyone and everyone he can deceive, because they (we) have what he always wanted: the power, image, and right of inheritance of the Ancient of Days. With the help of our first ancestor he conceived disobedience, perversion, and counterfeit pleasures (sin and death) against the King, and he continues seeking death to this day.

As such, you are guaranteed to have enemies. You will meet wolves as well as wolves in sheeps clothing, and they will seek your misery and end. But do not be afraid, take courage, for the King is always with you. The precious reward waiting for those who believe and endure to the end has tried to be explained for millennia by all philosophies, religions and practices; but it is too high and lofty for us to comprehend. Only one flesh has seen it, and His words are our guidance to his ultimate wedding which we await.

To end this declaration, hear this children of all foreign lands: We, the ambassadors, are all your children. We come from all sorts of tongues, lands, cultures, histories and faiths, but we have truly tasted and seen the Lord is good, and now we seek your presence along with us in this kingdom. We are not perfect, we are also still learning and growing into maturity of the eternal, but do not let our imperfections, shortcomings or disputes amongst ourselves blind and fool you away from the King’s perfection, His word is true and final.

Should you hear and choose not to trust and believe in Him who was sent, you have been warned that you are taking matters far above your understanding and control into your own hands. We urge you not to get lost in the babbling of wise people or in the short term pleasures of this life, as wonderful and exciting as they can be. You and your blinded community will meet closed gates into the Kingdom, and a resurrection into an existence void of the presence of the King–who is Light, Peace and Love–, but not void of the knowledge of Him. Ask any orphan or abandoned spouse: the pain to know that your loved one was once close, and now is so far and out of reach. It is for this reason the King has a special love for such people, those who suffer and are oppressed.

The choice is yours. Be glad and take no offense, for we have been invited into a great freedom and celebration. We hope to see you at the wedding, and may peace be upon you on the journey.



Ambassadors of the King