“You Gotta Be Nice, For What to These…”

“Everybody get your Motorola Raze out, that ain’t how you spell the phone or eat a raisin,

Had flip phones, now they on iPhones;

Funny how tech works, changing us into cyborgs.

You be autonomous, like it all on download,

Know you want a life done easy and no manual.

Watching Wall-E, Molly, apps and pills for days though.

Culture, political, prophetical, it’s hysterical.

With your brain off, gotta find a mind now,

With your heart off, fakin’ love like porn stars,

And you hurtin’ bad, but its alright.

And you hurtin’ bad, but its alright,

There’s a Way: Light.

–Care for me, care for me, You’d said you’d be there for me, there for me. You said you’d die for me, die for me. —

That’s a real One, met with rejection. But He’s not a hollow, no He’s not a fiction.

You really slavin’ up on these people, You gotta be nice, for what to these people?

He see’s your stance: alone and can’t dance. You got cold hands. You say there’s no such thing.

Old school papyrus; you’ll be surprised when, love and freedom always been in your DM.

You already had Him.”

0:34 – 1:37


P.S – If you’re looking for “Christian” rap (there’s no such thing, music is music. It’s the artist that determines the style/reason for their art), check out Lecrae (ex., “Nuthin”) or NF (ex., “Real”).